About Exmortem

About Exmortem

The band was started back in 1992 and was at that time called Mordor. The first demo "Souls Of Purity" was released in 1993. In Dec. 1994 the debut album "Labyrinths Of Horror" was recorded and it was released in June 1995, by Euphonious Records.

In 1997 Exmortem was ready with a new recording, this time it was the promo tape called "Dejected". This lead to a new signing with Euphonious Records, who in 1998 released the second album "Dejected In Obscurity". Read more on Last.fm


Albums of Exmortem — mp3 discography

Pestilence Empire

Pestilence Empire

Release date: 02.24.2003
Tracks: 9

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